The importance of ports in supply-chain, and the race towards reduced costs and faster cargo handling has led to a new spike in industry transformation.

The role of Agents may soon be undergoing significant changes. The agency activity, which, historically, related to cargo canvassing, inward and outward clearance, crew-support, ship supply, port handling and documentation, has been of significant importance for cargo transshipment and inter-modality.

As a meeting point between different modes of transport, port…

A series of scandals that led large international groups to write off sums exceeding US$ 500.000.000 (500 million) on building our in-house solution, brought many to the need in rethinking their digitalization strategy.

One of the most common words searched by internet users related to shipping and transportation is “API” or “API integration”. Not many, however, know what this means exactly. And this leads to losses and fundamental mistakes in choosing the right digital strategy.

Imagine your existing business system (corporate software or…

When we speak about the supply chain of a certain trade or product, we almost never refer to its packaging. Supply chain refers to the physical movement of goods, which takes place irrespective of whether the cargo is packed or unpacked. Supply-chain or a heavy vehicle, for example, starts from…

SEDNA and SHIPNEXT form a partnership to digitize workflow & optimize organizational performance

SEDNA, the leading provider of cloud-based transaction management software, today announces a partnership with SHIPNEXT that will enable organizations to digitize the work-flow related to shipping, transportation, and freight negotiations. The results will reduce the amount of work involved to source cargo information from hours to seconds.

An increasing amount…

Brokers across various industries historically fear digitalization. But should they rather not learn from those industries, where markets went digital?

Many fear, that digitalization will replace brokers. After all, these are valuable professionals, with knowledge, experience, and connection. It’s hard to imagine brokers today, who physically meet their clients each…

What does it take to build an efficient transportation ecosystem for cargo delivery?

Passenger transportation has already seen anything from Uber and Lyft, to car-sharing. All this has not only reduced car emissions but also made passenger transportation more cost- and time-efficient.

Did the taxi drivers like the change? Mostly…

Shipping continues to evolve, and the role of a Shipbroker evolves with it.

25 years ago Shipping finally accepted communication via Email, however, Fax and Telex were used up and until the early 2000s.

There was a strong resentment to Email and the internet, in fears, it will kill brokers…

Betatron, a Hong Kong based network of Venture Capital investors and a business Accelerator for technology companies, has invested in SHIPNEXT.

Betatron’s participation will help SHIPNEXT further expand its presence in Asia and in particular China and the China Greater Bay area. This builds on SHIPNEXT’s already existing presence in the U.S., Singapore, the UAE, and Europe.

Hong Kong is home to one of the world’s largest shipping communities, with 9.6% of the world’s merchant fleet and a dynamic maritime cluster offering wide-ranging shipping services.

Today SHIPNEXT has over 2600 users from over 2000 corporate clients and offers a number of corporate data-management, email-processing and supply-chain management solutions, in addition to its digital Shipping Marketplace.

Betatron’s investment will help to further build and scale SHIPNEXT’s platform for the benefit of its customers.

Alexander Varvarenko

Belgian businessman, Founder and CEO of SHIPNEXT

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